June 11th, 2005


Mount TBR is getting bigger!

Mount TBR getting bigger, originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea.

.. in fact Mount TBR (currently 51 books) is reaching critical status! The pile is getting rather "wackelig" (german for wobbly!) and I need bookshelves!

Since moving to Zurich almost a year and a half ago, we have still to buy proper bookshelves - all my books are stacked (fairly) nearly in piles on the living room floor. We decided we wanted to buy "proper" grown up bookshelves, and the 4 IKEA cheap bookshelves we used in London are now in the study taken over completely by my research books, German books & Dictionaries, files, Zurich information and Alan's extensive computer & coding library! When I start earning again, that will be my first purchase!


How to make a book

How to make a book (Guardian, Friday June 10, 2005)
More than 100,000 books are published every year in the UK. Some go on to become multimillion bestsellers, the vast majority do not. Oliver Burkeman follows the 18-month-long journey of one novel, from the author's flash of inspiration in a pub, to the moment it hit the shelves at Books Etc
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