June 7th, 2005


I’ve come to some (research) conclusions

I’ve been struggling recently to motivate myself. I think that I have a fear of time passing, that I always berate myself for not doing things to some sort of ‘absolute’ timescale. I try to be too honest about my abilities and fears, and I constantly crave reassurance from others – i.e. my supervisor. Sometimes I fear that I’m not strong enough to do this research. I should learn to live in the present, the here and now, live in the moment – rather than constantly looking back with regrets or looking fearfully forward. Why is it so hard for me to get back to work and to finish writing up? Maybe part of me just doesn’t want to write anymore, read anything else, or work at cutting words. Maybe I’m just lazy! I think I might be fearful of finishing, of saying, “this is it, this is my research, these are my conclusions”. I just don’t want to hear the result, for fear that it will not be the one I want.

Trying to get a nice cup of tea...

Just found this very funny article about trying to get a nice cup of tea in America, written by Stuart Payne (who created the NiceCupofTeaandaSitDown website and who co-authored the book of the same name)!

The same problems happen in Switzerland: you're lucky to get an English Breakfast teabag, the water is never boiling, and when you ask for milk, you get cream. Ah well, I discovered today that the
(english) Orell Fuessli bookshop in Bahnhofstrasse has started stocking English delicacies, amongst them HP sauce, marmite and PG Tip Pyramid teabags - I'm saved :-)