June 3rd, 2005


Schanzengraben, Zurich

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This is my favourite part of Zurich!

The Schanzengraben is a path which runs alongside the canal, all the way down to the lake. I try and run here three times a week, and the green of the trees, and clear blue water of the canal always raise my spirits.

The canal flows into the lake, and if it's a clear day, you can see snow capped mountains in the far distance!

helen and alan cropped

Friday night drinks

We’ve (hubbie & !) decided to go out each Friday night for drinks, hoping to find all the hidden gems of drinking places in Zurich, whilst having time to talk about the week and chill out together!

This evening was my choice and we went to the Maennerbadi or the “Bad am Schanzengraben”. It’s the men’s river pool, and it’s really the canal, tucked in between the botanical garden and the Boerse (Currency Exchange building). The pool is enclosed by the wall of the botanical garden on one side, and by a wooden gallery on the other. After 7.30 both sexes are allowed in, to drink, eat and lounge around on cushions and deckchairs! We got there too late, so sat on the wooden bridge between pools, until the rain started and we were driven back to a bench underneath the gallery

Very chilled atmosphere, the water was floodlit and there was a water fountain! The only drawback was the smell of the drains being cleared LOL. Next time we’ll get there at 7.30 not 8.30 and we’ll fight for the good places….