June 2nd, 2005

blue wave

Swimming in the Flussbad Unterer Letten

Today was a beautiful day, hot and sunny. I went to the Flussbad Unterer Letten (river pool) with KatColorado and it was great! It’s the oldest river pool in Zurich, a long wooden gallery on one side with toilets and changing rooms, and then a raised platform area on the other side of sunbathing overlooking a section of river with very strong current. You don’t even need to swim – you get in and you get rushed down to the other end. There’s a trick you need to do with your feet, to catch yourself at the grill at the other end! The water was absolutely freezing, although apparently it was 16 degrees!

It was great. We sat and talked, lay there, relaxed & sunbathed (I'm now red) and read our books! KatColorado had Ben and Jerry's dough ice-cream, I was very restrained and ate 2 apples :-)
I was reminded today that I should remember to write about the good stuff, and the times when I feel positive. Well, this is one of those times!