May 27th, 2005


A catch, a catch, I got a catch!

On the shore of the wide world,
Well, it only took about a month, but one of the books I released for the BookAid International Release challenge on April 18th finally got caught! It's ridiculous how much of a buzz you get when someone picks up your book, takes it home, reads it and even joins bookcrossing :-)

I had released Amadeus by Peter Schaffer in the foyer of the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester. Kate (sister) and I had gone to see the play On the Shore of the Wide World. The foyer was full of people and I left 3 books there. By the interval, one had gone, so I have high hopes for the other 2 releases!

Journal entry by brainey-rainey from Manchester, England United Kingdom on Friday, May 27, 2005
I found the book in the Royal Exchange theatre. Having read and loved Shaffer's 'Equus' I decided to take it home. The style is skillfully musical without resorting to gimic, and the the plot is engaging and creative. I would loved to see this produced on stage, and will make an effort to watch the screen adaptation. Am releasing today in Manchester University's faculty of Arts. book rating: 9/10
zurich angel

Sculptures in the Botanical Gardens

ochsner sculpture, originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea.

I walked through the Botanical Gardens today, and found this exhibtion by Claire Ochsner, a Zurich born artist who now lives and works just outsider Basel.

The botanical gardens are a hidden green oasis in the centre of Zurich, and these colourful, rounded, moving sculptures were hidden against the green backdrop of the gardens. So beautiful!

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Zurich Bookgroup: May 27th 2005
Corinne, Delyth, Mehdi, Tania, Emily, Savino, Monica & I all met at Muenz Bar, and sat outside on 2 big tables, fighting off all the swiss people desperate to nick our chairs! (Thanks to Corinne for getting there first and valiantly claiming our reserved tables). It was a perfect evening, warm, lots of drinks, and the added entertainment of belly dancers :-)

The book choice was a good one, everyone seemed to have read and loved HHGG at some point in their lives, and it wasn't really a very heated discussion! Our favourite characters were Arthur Dent (for his insistence on getting a nice cup of tea!), Marvin, Zaphod, Slartibartfast, Trillian, the Sperm Whale - Did I miss anyone?

We agreed that Douglas Adams had brilliant ideas, but that as a novel, the plot and the story were probably non-existent. The discussion then included questions on life, the universe and everything and included such diverse topics as "do you believe in aliens?", "Are we really alone?" and "Does the babel fish really start wars?"</p>