May 22nd, 2005


11-20 of my 100 Favourite Things


11. Listening to the roar of the salty sea
12. Talking on the phone with a loved one
13. The sound of wood pigeons (because Summer’s on the way!)
14. Swimming in the lake (Zuerichsee)
15. Practising juggling and passing routines with my sister, and laughing hysterically at our ineptitude.
16. Bookcrossing – registering books, writing journals, creating labels, sending PMs, receiving books, setting up bookrings, finding books – ooh, everything :-)
17. Having a long, hot soak in the bath (plus book and glass of wine)
18. The HHGG theme tune
19. Trying out a new recipe which works :-)
20. Weighing myself and finding I’ve lose weight

I signed up today for and have 3 free days before deciding whether to pay and sign up. The website allows you to enter all the food and exercise you’ve done, and depending on your weight, exercise levels, how much weight you want to lose (and how fast you want to lose it) it gives you a calorie count for the day!

So mine today was 1624 calories and I’ve still got 207 left to eat – Wahey! It also breaks down your calories into the recommended balance of fat, protein, carbohdrates & alcohol and then shows you what you’ve actually eaten :-)

Amazingly, today I was under on fat and carbohydrate, but a little bit too high on protein (and alcohol!). So, good luck all for tomorrow, and I’ll post again then…

In Zuerich ist der Baer Los! (The bears are out in Zurich...)

Overnight, Zurich has been decorated with 645 bear statues - i have to say most of them are a bit twee for my taste! It's the tourist office's attempt to brand the city, not quite sure that bears are the right way to go...

According to their website...The city and surrounding region will be invaded by hundreds of almost human-size teddies – artistically designed teddies, sitting and standing, alone and in pairs, big and small, displayed in both prominent and out-of-the-way locations. These lovable creatures are guaranteed to captivate the hearts of everyone who sees them, whether children or adults, guests or locals, vacationers or business travelers.

Teddy Summer runs from May 23 - 18 September, and I feel a bear book release challenge coming on!
I'll take some photos and keep posting them here, so you can laugh in sympathy ;-)</p>

Bookcrossing Update!

No furniture so charming as books. (Sydney Smith)

Latest News May 21 2005: Don't Panic!
Excitment is mounting in the nice-cup-of-tea household as the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Movie draws ever nearer! Next Thursday (well, early Friday morning) the film has its premiere at the Kino im Hauptbahnhof film festival in Zurich. The main hall of the railway station turns into a cinema, and I aim to release lots of Douglas Adams books as part of the HHGG themed release!

"Nice Cup of Tea" Award... May 21 2005 (for the bookcrossers who make my week special!)
All my bookrings seemed to have arrived at once, I had 4 this week! Thank you to ermintrude75, zazou & yowlyy for posting these to me!

Why do I keep buying books?

It's not as though i didn't already have a stack of books next to my bed, waiting to be read.

On Saturday I decided to go to Buecher Brocky to try and find some more Douglas Adams books to release during the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Movie this coming Thursday. Just one or two books I thought...

I did find 2 books, but also managed to 4 others and a CD! Then to compound matters I went to Orell Fuessli, the english bookshop in Zurich, to see if they had the film tie-in version in English. They didn't, but that didn't stop me buying 3 other unrelated books, two of which have now turned into Bookrings (Nothing bad ever happens at Tiffany's: Marian Keyes & The State of Poetry: Roger McGough :-)

Finally, today I felt the need to buy 8 books off a member of the Zurich Expats Yahoo Group... WHEN WILL THIS MADNESS STOP?!