May 19th, 2005


The All or Nothing Approach (doesn't work for me!)

My mistake with dieting (and with lots of things in my life) is that I tend to use an “all or nothing” approach. If I can’t lose weight quickly I won’t do it, I want to be fit after doing just a week’s exercise, ad infinitum. I find it more helpful (but difficult) to think in shades of grey, or in small steps over time! This week I might just drink more water and eat more fruit. Next week cut down on processed foods etc. Any weight lost and kept off is a good thing!

"Toast" by Nigel Slater

I've just finished reading Toast, courtesy of Bookcrossing friends, and it was brilliant!

Nigel Slater writes imaginatively and with humour about growing up in the Midlands in the 60s, and each small chapter is headed by a food linked to his childhood. Food is so closely linked to our memories of childhood and families, perhaps because food and being nourished is such a physical symbol of being love and cherished. So many incidents in this book reminded me of family memories. Firstly, the whole tinned fruit thing. The greatest treat for us was peaches in golden syrup, which were always called goldish! "Mum, are we having goldfish and custard for pudding?"

The other passage that made me laugh at loud was this -->
"One day my father came home from work, and even before he had taken off his coat he grabbed one of four jam tarts from the wire cooling rack. He couldn't have known they had come from the oven only a minute or two before. His hands flapped, his face turned a deep raspberry red, beads of sweat formed like warts on his brow, he danced a merry dance. As he tried to swallow and his eyes filled with the sort of tears a man can only summon when he had boiling lemon curd stick to the roof of his mouth, I am sure that I saw the faintest of smiles flicked across my mother's face."

Brilliant! My Grandad's favourite food story was very similar, but involving a hot mince pie, and would be accompanied by him pulling the appropriate "I've got hot mince stuck to the roof of my mouth". As kids we loved this story, and always ate our mince pies *extremely* gingerly :-)

May 19th: Got a few things ticked off today!


  • Water = 6 / Tea & Coffee = 5

  • Food = Cereal / bread, cheese, meat, salad / rice & chicken, apple / milky drink

  • Exercise = 30min run & situps

  • Methodology completed :-)

  • Work planned for tomorrow

  • References Checked

  • Abstracts Checked

  • In bed before 11 :-)
UPDATE: Just logging off at 22.46 Swiss Time, so I'll make my 11o'clock deadline! "Schlaef guet"