March 14th, 2005


The serendipity of bookcrossing

My first ever catch was someone's first find! I released two books last Friday evening at Zurich main railway station as I was rushing to catch my train to Bonn and both books were found and journalled! My first ever "catch" was caught by ScarletBea in Zurich and this was her first "find"! The second book was picked up an anonymous finder who and she has now registered as Layaali. How cool is that?
I posted my first bookring off today. I've had a fantastic response to my Beyond Chocolate - understanding Swiss culture Bookring, with 15 bookcrossers in the UK, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, USA & Greece! I'm hoping the ring isn't too large, I'll see how it goes and buy a second copy if necessary. I also received my first ever bookring. Cloud Atlas was a fantastic read on the train to Bonn and back and I've now passed it on...

Thanks to Elhamisabel who helped me with the HTML code to make my favourites book quotes fly across my bookshelf - pretty cool, huh? Thanks also to Mojosmom who told me how to edit book details to add a new ISBN and to show a new bookcover picture. Finally, hello to CoffeeBron, another drink enthusiast who runs a very cool thread called The Bronzed Owl on the ChitChat Forum which serves *drinks* and *snacks* and chilled out vibes all day!