March 8th, 2005


I thought my book pile would be going down, not up, with bookcrossing!

I had a very productive book day today - sent one book to a non bookcrosser, hand delivered another book to a member of the Zurich book group, wild released two books in Zurich, and found Cafe Gloria (Zurich's OBCZ) and released my last book. Hurrah I thought, five down..
But then I picked up 3 from the OBCZ, found a David Lodge in my local Caritas (charity shop) and bought a book from a bookshop to start a swiss book ring. OOPS! Fun anyway... Now sitting down to journal my catches and am drinking a... nice-cup-of-tea

Thanks in my first week at bookcrossers to a long list of lovely people:
:-) KatColorado & Sunneschii in Zuerich for answering my questions and correcting my German.
:-) Caro1, tutleymutley, Winterson & catrionamoore for the bookrings.
:-) indielibrarian & ziggythecat for the books that are in the post
:-) Anyone who helped me on the Newbie board!
:-) And an extra big cup of tea to my Mum who has joined up: Be nice to Mrswren !