June 30th, 2004

blue wave

Seeueberquerung: June 30 2004

The good weather has inspired me to take some time out to exercise between bouts of study. Zurich has a "mountain" called the Uetliberg which overlooks the city and the lake. I've found a few routes up the Uetliberg, all as steep as each other, but the walk is worth it for the view from the top.

I've also been taking advantage of the many swimming pools based along the river and lake, and in August I took part in the annual Seeueberquerung....This is the annual swim across the lake. 4563 other swimmers and me swam the 1500 metres accompanied by rescue boats and the lake Police! It was a beautiful day, the water was warm and it took me 46 minutes! You certainly get a different view of the city from the middle of the lake...