Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

My laptop has been given a temporary lease of life!

I can't believe that it's nearly 3am and I'm still up faffing with my laptop - mr.ncot has fallen asleep on the sofa! I also can't believe that I've been faffing around with aforementioned laptop for about 12 hours :-(

After spending several hours on Friday afternoon on the Bluewin support line and not figuring out why my laptop and network card couldn't connect to our wireless router (*"It's just there!" shouts Helen to laptop*) I decided that I would reformat the laptop for a second time and start again from scratch. In the end, the wonderful mr.ncot did it for me when I went shopping this afternoon and when I got back hours later, he informed me smugly that I now had internet access. At which I lay prostrate on the kitchen floor and kissed his feet - no really - so pleased I was to be back online!!

Piece of cake I thought.... just got install the windows service packs and then install Norton and then reload the data and then reload some programs from the internet.... *voice trails off* .... well, as I say it's taken me nearly 12 hours, but I am now back online. Watch out for some more journal entries and photos tomorrow. I *think* my laptop is running faster and is a bit happier... I certainly hope so. I just want to squeeze another 6 months or so of life out of it, so I can save up for a new one! Good night :-)
Tags: gadgetgirl, mr.ncot

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