Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Productive Day!

My goodness, I had a productive day.... started later than I wanted and I didn't go for a run, but I did do the following:

- Do the recycling and rubbish run
- Get the photocopying done for my work contract
- Go to the Post Office (twice!)
- Go into town, got birthday present for my best mate (eventually)
- Booked Parterre for my party in 2 weeks time :-)
- Tidied the living room and sorted out the CD and DVD shelves
- Sorted out my underwear drawer (chucked out loads of skeggy knickers, very satisfying !!)
- Sorted out my work clothes
- Sorted out my jewellry and accessories (sounds very grand, but so isn't)
- Did 2 loads of washing
- Unpacked in the online food shop and cleaned the fridge
- spent hours on my laptop (now working again) see next post :-)

Tags: done

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