Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Curry and Bollywood celebrations with special friends :-)

We had a wonderful evening last night :-) The wonderful mr.ncot spent almost all day preparing the chicken basmati (my contribution was washing the rice, making the raita and preparing the mango smoothie!) and we went round to katcolorado & family laden with food and champagne. It was so nice to celebrate getting a job with friends, especially since katcolorado helped me so much, checking my cv and covering letters, practising my interview German, scanning documents and generally being supportive and encouraging. The kids were a bit shy to start off with, esp. with mr.ncot, but by the time they went to bed, Yannick particularly was crawling all over him :-) And I got to clean Antonio's teeth, particularly unspectacularly I must add. I could hear her thinking "Amateur! where's mum ?"

The food was delicious and Yannick devoured the mango smoothie with gusto. The film was great and we felt well bollywood-ed!

Tags: congratulations, katcolorado, mr.ncot
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