Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

First Birthday with LiveJournal !

I've just realised that I've been journalling here on lj for a whole year !!

Livejournal really has been a life saver for me in the last year. It's helped me to write about the challenges I've been facing, I've made some fantastic friends and feel extremely supported and loved in this community and I feel that I've also reached out to friends on here. I love the honesty and the space that writing a blog gives me. I love the hours that I can waste finding userpices, changing my layout, organising entries using different tags. I love the memes that go round and the writing challenges from the journaleer project. I love writing about my own life, love, difficulties, emotions, high points and I love reading all about your lives :-) And contrary to my jokey userpic, I DO have something to say and I say it regularly... Here's to lots more writing, blogs, fun and friendship on lj.

So, here's my first lj entry...
I'm sure everyone says this, but I'm not sure how this whole livejournal things works yet!

I am intending to use this space to write some daily thoughts, in the hope of getting my thesis back on track. I have so nearly finished it, but need some daily discipline to get working on it again! I'm hoping that making my thoughts public here will help me to "do some work!"

I also want to use this space to bring together all my random thoughts. I've organised my books on bookcrossing.com and I've made my list of things to do on 43things.com but I want this space to bring everything together and to bring some order to all my random thoughts!

Tags: congratulations, lj

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