Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Drifting slowly back to earth from cloud 9 !

Thank you SO much to everyone who sent me congratulations yesterday - I felt extremely loved :-) When I got back from my German class yesterday evening, mr.ncot and I had some champagne to celebrate. So now all I have to do is plan my graduation trip to Leicester in July ! When I'm there my supervisor and I are going to discuss how to turn the work into an academic journal submission.

I've been re-reading the Dissertation report, which I think gets my research pretty well spot on. There were weakness with the literature review, but the methodology and data analysis were excellent. I need to remember this result when I'm feeling down ! I still need to work out why I struggled so much with the literature review and I'd like to have a sort of "debriefing" conversation with my supervisor about the whole process.

This is an extremely interesting and original piece of work that appears to have given rise to publishable findings. Your coverage of methodological and ethical issues and your qualitative analysis are particularly notable strengths.... the dissertation is of a very high quality overall and deserves to be awarded a Distinction grade. Congratulations on completing your MSc Studies

Your methodology chapter is extremely well written. You offer a very thorough exploration of methodological issues and also (and this is very much to your credit) give over a significant amount of space to consideration of relevant ethical issues.

Another notable feature of this chapter is your capacity to reflect on your personal experience as a researcher.

Your data analysis appears to have been carried out very thoroughly.

Tags: congratulations, masters, mr.ncot, research

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