Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

A lovely Saturday afternoon

I've just had a lovely afternoon with katcolorado & Antonio, who had more energy than both of us put together :-) We started and ended at Paradeplatz. First off was the Papetiere in the Rennweg for us both to buy new moleskin journals, then a quick search for a bell for Kat to use in class, which of course necessitated a quick look round the Karl Weber toyshop :-) We bought drinks at Starbucks then walked up to the Lindenhof, where we sat and played in the playground. Antonio and I went to play on the swings and when we got back, Kat surprised me with a cake, candles and birthday pressies. I was allowed to open them early...The stripy serviettes and tissues are just too nice to use!

We sat and ate and drank, Antonio deciding that she really liked my frappuchino blended mango citrus tea better than Mummy's Strawberry and cream flavoured one, so Antonio and I shared :-) Walked up to the lindenhof to watch the Japanese tourists take photos of the view. Antonio was a great hit, all the tourists wanting to take her photo !! We then walked down onto the Rathaus Bridge, then made our was slowly back to Paradeplatz to get the tram home. What a perfect pre-birthday afternoon, thanks girls :-)
Tags: birthday, katcolorado, stripy, zürich

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