Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Are you a sinner or a winner ?

I was just reading the guardian, when I came across this article about the "sinner or a winner man". This is a guy who stands at Oxford Circus with a megaphone evangelising, his famous catch phrase being "Are you a sinner or a winner?" Now normally, I'm all in favour of people spreading the word, but to put this into context, I worked for 3 years in an office at Oxford Circus and had to pass this guy at least three times a day, and the message (delivered in Scouse accent) just got to be a bit much.

Anyway, apparently Westminster Council have gone to court to get an ASBO order on him. And I think that's a bit unfair, freedom of speech and everything. I then started googling to find a photo for you non londoners, and then found this interview with him !

So, any Londoners out there, how do you feel about the sinner or a winner man ?

Tags: article, london
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