Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Where have all the bluebells gone ?

Bluebells are always associated with May and my birthday. When I lived in Sheffield and later in London, my Mum would pick bluebells (and sometimes Lily-of-the-Valley) from our garden, pack them up and send them through the post for my Birthday. Amazingly, the flowers always survived and gave me so much pleasure :-)

Today on the Uetliberg I was disappointed that I couldn't see any bluebells. At this time at home (Bristol) the woods opposite us would be blue underneath the trees with bluebells. So swiss friends, where can I find bluebells here? I feel a little bit homesick, I want bluebells :-(

According to the Guardian, the native bluebell is under threat in the UK (from the spanish variety) - this is such a shame. Save our Bluebells !!
Tags: article, memories, summer

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