Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Summer on the Uetliberg

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I was just planning a quick walk up and down the Uetliberg this morning, but since it was such a beautiful day I changed my mind :-) I spent an hour or so sunbathing and reading on the top of Uetliberg (after releasing today's book for the Zürich Monopoly Challenge) and then decided to walk down the other side of the mountain to Albisguetli. And then literally a thought struck me, which was, why don't I enjoy a longer walk to Felsenegg? It occurred to me that there was nothing I had to get home for and that I could make the most of the sun and enjoy myself. I know this sounds odd, but this thought was such a revealation, that I didn't have to rush back and that I had the time and space to just keep walking.

It was wonderful, so calm, green, quiet. I walked for about 2 hours and covered about 10k. there was silence apart from my feet walking, the bird singing and the wood pigeons. (I love the cooing of wood pigeons, they make me think of May and my birthday!) I could smell the summer, the hot path, the smell of wood, or perhaps it was the pine trees. And I just suddenly felt really calm and at peace, my mind was still and I felt that "all manner of things will be well", my job search, the results of my research, my life etc. This feeling of peace and lack of stress is quite unusual for me :-) It felt like the path and the wood and the silence were just there for me today.
Tags: summer, uetliberg, zürich

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