Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The Google Picture Meme

Nicked from sunneschii, katcolorado & thepolliwog! Search on google images for the following categories....

The City I grew up in: Bristol

The City I currently live in: Zurich

My First Name: Helen
("Helen, Sweetheart of the internet", a Peter Zale comic strip)

My Surname: Palmer
There's a "Palmer Public Library" in Massachusetts, how cool is that!

My Grandfather's Name: Len Channer
"L. Channer Problems" - a firm's advert on a job site

Favourite Food: Seafood Pizza (especially when made by mr ncot!)

Favourite Drink: Do you even need to ask?

Tags: bristol, katcolorado, meme, nice cup of tea

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