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Guardian Article and NCOT's book meme.....

When Lisa Jardine and Annie Watkins asked women which book had helped them most during their lives, the clear winner was Jane Eyre, with Pride and Prejudice not too far behind. When they repeated the exercise with men, a very different reading list emerged ...
Another interesting article in the Guardian about the books that move men and women.

The nice_cup_of_tea bookmeme
So which 5 books would you pick, that helped you through 5 "watershed" moments in your life?
I've started a post in book talk... So you can reply there or here, as you wish!

My choices...
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Douglas Adams - read it as an impressionable, slightly lonely teenager and it made me feel okay to think about life, the universe and everything. It also opened me up to a whole new range of comedy ie Adams, Monty Python :-)

Circle of Friends: Maeve Binchy - took this as one of only 3 books on my gap year before university. Just a good read, about friends, blokes and university. Still remains a pretty constant companion and reminds me that I was brave when I was 18,

Lost in a Good book: Jasper Fforde - My new post Adams hero! This was definitely last year's choice - reminds me of the joy of finding bookcrossing and a whole new world of friends as passionate about reading as I am. Reminds me that a good book can take you away from loneliness and insecurity, esp. in a foreign land

Effi Briest: Theodor Fontane - The subject of my dissertation for my first degree in German Studies. One of many books I read and loved in German. 19th century prussia, stiff upper lipped Prussians, adultery, snow and horse driven carriages and a complex code of societal honour and hypocrisy. Plus Fassbinder made a cracking film out of it

Anne of Green Gables: L M Montgomery - my childhood favourite and the first book that a friend recommended me to read. I was 9, she was my canadian penpal. 23 years later and we both still love reading and she's now my sister in law :-) As a child the book taught me that it's okay to be different, to strive to learn and that it's important to have some friends who are "kindred spirits"
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