Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Lent (37) for yesterday !

Still catching up on all my posts, bear with me!

1. Focus on completing dissertation
Got this email from my supervisor yesterday
"I’ve quickly read through your dissertation – I must admit that, owing to time pressures, I had to skim rather than read, but it’s clear that it’s now ready for submission and I will ,of course, be reading it in depth when I act as first marker. It may be a bit touch and go with the exam board – and there's no guarantee - but we’ll do our best. Once the Board is out of the way, I hope we can start thinking about a joint publication. Your data is far too good to waste!"
Can't quite believe it, it's nearly over, just doing final checks...And managed to get it down to 100 pages :-)

2. Watch less television & 3. Spend less time online
My habits have definitely got better, but I'm fed up with updating these now :-)

4. Take exercise each day
Putting sofa back to gether and cleaning living room floor!
Friday yoga

5. Reflect on 5 positive things per day
1. having a wonderful yoga session
2. getting positive feedback from supervisor - she's still talking about doing a paper together
3. having a fantastic evening with my mate Jackie - wine, food and gossip (about men, relationships, babies, work, life, the universe and everything!)
4. enjoying the spring sunshine!
5. just starting to feel that my life is coming together finally....

Sofa, naked and then clothed again!
Tags: friends, lent, research

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