Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Lent (35)

I am dead on my feet, but wanted to do a quick round up of the day via my lent post. I will write posts tomorrow about today, including the interview, dieing eggs and stripy eggs!

1. Focus on completing dissertation
My supervisor emailed me back to say well done and to say that she'd give me some feedback tomorrow.

2. Watch less television
Just about to watch the last 3 episodes of Teachers 4 - my treat for sending the d word and surviving the interview

3. Spend less time online
less than normal

4. Take exercise each day
none, but have had a busy day

5. Reflect on 5 positive things per day
1. Having a really good second interview - I really want the job but have to wait til Monday to find out
2. Dieing eggs with Katcolorado, Antonia & Yannick
3. Buying easter presents and eggs for friends
4. Having take away pizza, red wine and slumping in front of telly with mr ncot (and not having a guilty conscience)
5. Watching it snow again in Zurich - it was sunny yesterday, what happened?
6. Knowing that I've done as much as I can for my future (dissertation and career) and knowing that I can't do any more, I just have to wait and see what happens :-) I'm getting philosophical in my old age

Tags: lent, snow

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