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Glittering Images: Susan Howatch


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—> Glittering Images: Susan Howatch

This was the first Susan Howatch novel I read, and I was completely hooked! She is a fantastic writer. This novel is the first of the Starbridge novels set in an ecclesiastical town based largely on Salisbury. The novels are based around clergy and the church of england, spirituality & christianity, but don’t let that put you off…it’s a fanastic read.

From the back cover
Beneath the smooth surface of an episcopal palace lurks the salacious breath of scandal. Charles Ashworth is set to untangle the web of self-delusion and corruption only to become embroiled in a strange menage a trois that threatens to expose the secrets in his own past.

Glittering Images is a rich tapestry of love, tension and drama. It is a novel of people in high places, of desperate longings and the failure to resist them, of lies, evasions and restless, unexorcised ghosts, of tarnished realities behind brilliant glittering images.
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