Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Scaring myself silly

I reckon I cause myself so much stress! I emailed my supervisor my literature review in the early hours of this morning. And checking my email now, I find an email from her. I kid you not, my heart was banging away as soon as I saw that she had replied. I was imagining the following email (even though there's no evidence to suggest she'd every reply like this) .... "What! this is too late, i won't mark it, it's rubbish! etc etc"

And in fact what she did say was...
Thanks Helen – and Well Done!
I’ll look at it a soon as I can – and try to give you some feedback next week.

And in other news....
Do you like my new user pic? Taken from the wonderful Dave Walker @ www.cartoonchurch.com

Tags: research
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