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Lessons in Change and Learning

This is my most recent article for the PWG newsletter! How impossible is it to write a book review in 150 words?! If anyone is interested in a bookring for this book, please comment here or PM me

Lessons in Change and Learning
A Review of “ReArchitecting” by Jill Allemang

“Real learning rarely comes quickly or without effort.” (p.26)

This slim, elegant collection of nine essays explores Jill Allemang’s mid life career sabbatical; her decision to leave a successful corporate career and to achieve a masters degree. It is the story of her personal journey as she reflects on a new path for her career and life. Allemang does not shy from sharing the personal and difficult lessons she learnt, which she does with humour and candour! The book celebrates her year of transition and ambiguity, of finding her own voice and opening herself up to new possibilities.

But “ReArchitecting” is also the story of “everywoman”. It reminds us that we are all confronted with similar life, career and relationship challenges. The strength of this book is in its simplicity and its openness. Jill’s voice clearly tells her own story and we respond with our own reactions and emotions. It is this second voice, our voice, that completes the story and helps us to consider our own learning journey.

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