Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Premiere of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

The film was brilliant, I'm still singing the music "So long and thanks for all the fish, so sad that it should come to this .."

The Kinoimhb festival was packed! Part of the huge railway hall in Zurich gets turned into a cinema for 10 days, complete with bar and box office. There was a great atmosphere, and several towels being waved! I released 4 Hitchhiker Books in honour. Got to my seat, and released that the cinema screen was showing the bar area. So, found I could 'watch' 2 of the books, and then saw with horror as the Barman cleared them away :-( Maybe a member of staff rescued them!

The film itself was brilliant. There were changes to the plot, and a whole new middle section, but I thought it made the narrative a lot clearer. The first radio series and HHGG book are brilliant, but they lack a credible middle section. The film sorted this out, and even managed to create a believable ending to the film. A lot of the dialogue was identical to the book, albeit in a different order, but this didn't matter and in some cases, made a lot more sense!

Lots of things were handled brilliantly in this film. The sense that Arthur's house is knocked down by lots of bulldozers is reflected in the fact that the world is destroyed by a "fleet" of vogon shifts - the earth is encircled by them! The Vogon puppets were brilliant. The music fitted the film perfectly, and overall it was a very funny film. The new version Marvin was just as good and depressed as the old version. The Zaphod character was much more what I thought Zaphod should have been in the radio and TV series. He had exactly the right blend of spaced out, stupid, egoistic nonchalance! Ford and his towel were spot on. Tim from the office was fantastic as Arthur, but has a much more active 'hero' role here, which sort of worked :-) Plus, he was still obsessed about tea...

There were several clever touches. Watch out for 'old' marvin's appearance, and several references to the wonderful Douglas himself. Apparently his wife and daughter appear in the London scenes! Overall, I can't fault a thing about the movie: shall be waiting with bated breath for the DVD to come out now!
Tags: films, hhgg, the arts, zürich

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