Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer


Zurich Bookgroup: May 27th 2005
Corinne, Delyth, Mehdi, Tania, Emily, Savino, Monica & I all met at Muenz Bar, and sat outside on 2 big tables, fighting off all the swiss people desperate to nick our chairs! (Thanks to Corinne for getting there first and valiantly claiming our reserved tables). It was a perfect evening, warm, lots of drinks, and the added entertainment of belly dancers :-)

The book choice was a good one, everyone seemed to have read and loved HHGG at some point in their lives, and it wasn't really a very heated discussion! Our favourite characters were Arthur Dent (for his insistence on getting a nice cup of tea!), Marvin, Zaphod, Slartibartfast, Trillian, the Sperm Whale - Did I miss anyone?

We agreed that Douglas Adams had brilliant ideas, but that as a novel, the plot and the story were probably non-existent. The discussion then included questions on life, the universe and everything and included such diverse topics as "do you believe in aliens?", "Are we really alone?" and "Does the babel fish really start wars?"</p>
Tags: books, hhgg, zürich

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