Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

A helpdesk support moan

I've decided to use this "Where the Wild Things Are" Userpic (thanks again thepolliwog! ) when I want to moan, stress out or just generally name my demons. You have all been warned :-\

Today my Symantec CDS arrived (Systemworks 2006 & Internet Security 2006) and they wouldn't install. Being the PC literature user that I am, I read the manual, searched on the internet, deleted temp files blah, blah, blah - but to no avail. Deep breath, ring Support Desk.

Bad move! I had to hang on for about 10 minutes listening to very scratchy and poor quality recordings about how to solve AOL errors before I could even choose my options. Then the recorded message said to get my credit card out and ready because I'd have to pay. WHAT! Then the recorded message said something like "But if you go to our website at this address, the automated tool will help solve most problems in under 2 minutes." So, still holding on, I go to the website, to find that that page no longer exists.

I'm ashamed to say that when I did get through to the Helpdesk guy, I wasn't very nice to him :-(
I should know better, I used to work on a help desk. But honestly, he didn't listen to what I was saying, didn't listen when I answered his inane questions and then got my phone number wrong. I told him the number, asked him to repeat it back to me (which he didn't want to do!) but then when he did, he had it wrong anyway :-( And he wondered whay I wasn't prepared to give him an email address!

In fairness, his solution *did* work. He directed me to another webpage which contained extra tools for completely removing past versions of Symantec. But if this page had been more obvious when I had been searching earlier, I wouldn't have spent 20 minutes getting stressed and giving some poor helpdesk guy a hard time! Okay, I wasn't rude, but I was a bit "brusque!" I just get SO mad at the lousy way companies treat customers!! I spent £65 on your products, at least make sure your support is good.
Tags: rants

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