Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Lent (5)

1. Focus on completing dissertation
YEP! Not much but it's a start and I have a plan for tomorrow :-)

2. Watch less television
Very little, just a tiny bit of snooker over supper (never liked Snooker until I lived with mr ncot!)

3. Spend less time online
A bit less than yesterday. Will go to starbucks and work tomorrow BEFORE logging on!

4. Take exercise each day
Walk along canal to lake and then back through old town in the SNOW!

5. Reflect on 5 positive things per day
1. Rang Dad to wish him Happy Birthday for yesterday
2. Mr Ncot made me scrambled egg for lunch!
3. lovely long telephone call with little sis' (40 minutes)
4. Relaxing bath with nice cup of tea, plus time to blow dry hair :-)
5. Took lots of snowy photos and uploaded them onto flickr
6. Laughed again at the dachhunds in the deep snow - all you could see were their ears and tails!
7. Saw my published article "Mind the (Gender) Gap" on the front page of the The Networker (the newsletter of the Professional Women's Group of Zurich)

Read an article in Red Magazine which also said that reflecting on positive things and taking exercise can help make and keep you happy!
Tags: lent, pwg, writing

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