Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Happy Bookcrossing Birthday to me!

well, I'm one years old today and I've had a fabulous first year with bookcrossing! My reading habits and style have changed considerably. The site has taught me html skills. I've registered and released many of my books and have built a journal of all the books I've read since March 2005. And it goes without saying that I've met many fabulous people, both in real life and virtually, even though you all feel equally real to me! And bookcrossing has helped me settle down and feel really at home in Zurich! Without bc there could have been no katcolorado (or sunneschii, sun-beetle or Dolphus!) And that would have been a massive loss :-(

So, bc birthday wishes also to my bc twin TutleyMutley, who sent me this wonderful birthday card!

Tags: bxing

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