Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

How to juggle!

How to Juggle in 3 easy steps!
Diagrams used with permission of Stevemd

Step 1: "Throw - Catch"

• Keep hands at waist level.
• The 2 crosses represent the top corners of a square, your hands are the bottom corners
• Toss the ball from one hand to the other, aiming for the opposite corner of the square
• Do this in both directions!

Step 2: "Throw, throw, catch, catch"

• Throw ball one as before.
• As ball one reaches its peak, throw ball two to the other hand, aiming for the other corner
• Listen for the rhythm and say "Throw, throw - catch, catch"
• This is a vital step, so don't move on until you've got it"

Step 3: "Throw, throw, throw, catch"

• You're very close to juggling now.
• The aim here is to throw and catch all 3 balls!
• Same as for step 2, except as ball 2 reaches it's peak, throw ball 3 across to the other hand.
• Catch ball 2, then catch ball 3.
• After this, the trick is to keep going and not stop
• Hurray! You're now juggling :-)

Hints & Tips
• Begin each session with a warm-up. Do step 1 at least 10 times!
• Top Technique Tips:
- Watch the top of the square.
- Keep your hands at about waist level.
- Wait for the ball to come to you.
• Concentrate on consistent throwing, don't worry about the catching!
• If you move forward as you juggle, try standing in front of a wall.
• Juggle over a bed / sofa / table to reduce the distance you need to stoop to pick up the balls!
• If you get stuck, go back a step.
• Practice little and often. If it's not fun, stop and try again later!

Oddballs Juggling shops in London & Brighton
"More Balls than Most" - juggling courses & products
Animated Juggling Lesson
How to make your own juggling balls

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