Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Letting Go (Part 3)

What I did find really difficult when I was in Manchester, was letting go of my sister. We're both really close and as I said in the last post, we've worked together to get her to College. I'm really proud that I've been able to support her emotionally and practically to help her realise her dream to become a professional musician. We've always talked through her plans, to find a bass teacher, to get through the auditions, get funding, leave her job as a teacher, find the courage to start college etc etc. I'm always the big sister that helps her do stuff. And when I've visited her in the past in Manchester, she was working as a teacher, was more isolated, less friends etc because she was so busy. And we always had the whole weekend to ourselves.

And then this time, the days were packed, and everything we did, we did with a big group of her friends. I felt really mixed about this. Of course I'm delighted that she's got so many friends and such a busy, active and wonderful life at College. Whilst listening to her talking to her friends, she seems to be developing her self as a musician. They have "Muso" conversations, about techniques, about concerts, about the repetoire that they've played and will be playing. And it's wonderful. But there's a tiny part of me that wanted to spend more time alone with her, that I missed our time together. And I know that's a bit selfish, but I can see her moving away, and it's a life that I can only share on the sidelines as a supported. But I love her and I'm so proud of her!
Tags: family, katethebass, music

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