Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Halle Concert (Part 2)

The Halle Concert at the Bridgewater Hall and it was just wonderful! My sister was katethebass was playing with the orchestra as part of the professional experience scheme. I am so impressed with the Halle Orchestra, she was paid for the rehearsals and the concert and her name was in the programme. How cool is that ?!

The Halle Orchestra has a different layout for their string section, which means that the double basses are arranged in a row behind all the strings, wind and brass (basically where the timpani normally sits). This meant that I had a great view of my little sis' sitting right in the middle of the section! In the first half I sat in the stalls (I had a complimentary ticket!) which was great, except that I could only see bits of my sister! In the second half I sat with her friends up in the gods. The music was fantastic, Britten, Mahler and Shostakovitch, all backed up by a thundering bass section :-)

She just looked so much part of the section. Really confident, graceful, sexy and accomplished. I have to admit that I was pretty choked up! We've worked together to get her into music college and she's now spreading her wings and flying away. Her playing and musicality are just accelerating away and the musical education she's getting there is just giving her wings. And then towards the end of the concert I just forgot that one of the bassists was my sister! She just looked so right sitting there.

We met her afterwards in the foyer, double bass strapped on her back! And very soon she was surrounded by her adoring fans (ie college mates!) clustered around her, all talking, full of enthusiasm. Her natural high didn't descend for the rest of the night!

More photos here

Tags: katethebass, music, the arts, travel, uk

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