Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Lent Resolutions & a Friend's Cull :-(

1. Focus on completing dissertation
2. Watch less television
3. Spent less time online
4. Take exercise each day
5. Reflect on 5 positive things per day

I've got lots more journal entries to write and catch up on, so expect a flurry of these today! I don't want to make hard measures here, but will try and reflect honestly on how I'm doing at the end of each day.

To help me spend less time online, I am going to dramatically (but temporarily) shorten my friend's list. I love reading everyone's entries and am so grateful for all the replies and comments I get. PLEASE do not be offended if I don't read your entries in Lent, I will be re-friending you all in Easter :-)
Tags: lent

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