Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Off to Manchester!

I had a lovely relaxed afternoon yesterday after my interview, popped into my local charity shop and bought a few German and English books, as well as new juggling balls (photos sometime soon!).

Mr ncot and I were going to go out and celebrate me being happy with my second interview, but in the end we ordered in pizza and slumped on the sofa watching the ice-skating! I was SO tired, just emotionally drained. Oh, nearly forgot, the lovely katcolorado came round for a nice cup of PG tips in the afternoon so we had a sit and a gossip :-)

Well, I'm off to Manchester now and will be back on Friday evening! Now, place nicely children and don't be *too* chatty whilst I'm gone :-)
Tags: books, travel, treats

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