Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 7: The 23rd page, 5th sentence one

"You might have seen the book meme, where you are supposed to go to page 23 in your current book and to the 5th sentence and then post that in your blog. Let's take it a step further and give it a journaleer twist: Take that sentence as a starting point and write a story. Or just the next sentence. Or the first paragraph of that SciFi novel you always wanted to write... How much you write is entirely up to you."

I've taken my sentence from The Piano Tuner by Daniel Mason, a truly wonderful book! The 5th complete sentence on this page is "Here, you hold the torches" and I got the idea for this assignment after reading and commenting on mhchipmunk's post about her reading career!

"Here, you hold the torches" said George to Anne "I'm just going to scale up that tree there to get a better look!"
Anne glared back at her older sister. "You think you're the alpha female, but as you well know I'm the better climber!"
She pushed the two maglite torches away and hoisted herself up therough the broad branches of the old oak tree. Pretty soon all George could see of her was the back pockets of her Diesel jeans, followed by her Merril trainered feet. Anne leaned precariously out from the top branches and then yelled down:
"George, the rampaging mob of villagers are on their way! I knew we shouldn't have uncovered that money laundering scam and emailed the bank account details to the Financial Services Authority"

George sighed "Yes I agree with you, the village will soon be crawling with city investigators - "and no one likes a gang of cocky kids" she muttered under her breath. "Just come down now and we'll go back to the cottage."

Anne rapidly swung down from the tree, jumping the last six feet. She landed gracefully and wiped her hands on the back of her jeans. "You're right, we'd better get back to the lads. Hopefully the kettle will be on and we can have a nice cup of tea and some homemade scones. Our brothers really are the best homemakers in the county!!"

And with that, the two girls set off a steady nine minute mile pace on their three mile run back to "Parody Cottage."
Tags: journaleers, writing

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