Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Katethebass goes professional!

I've decided to to Manchester next week to visit my sister katethebass, who's studying at the Royal Northern College of Music. She's playing in her first "professional" concert on Thurs 23rd. The Halle Orchestra take on students for work placements. The students practice with the orchestra and if they're very lucky, play in a real, live, public concert! Here's the programme!

I am so proud! I'll be the big sister in the audience saying "You see that Double Bass right at the back of the section? That's my little sister that is!"

I've cashed in my swiss airmiles and will be off on Weds 22nd and back on Fri. It gives me a great incentive to finish off my literature review and post it before I leave. In fact, I'm going to try not to post here on LJ, unless it's dissertation updates :-)

Tags: family, katethebass, music
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