Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

This evening I lost my yoga virginity...

I went to a trial yoga lesson this evening in central Zurich and it was just wonderful. For the 90 minutes I forgot my aching neck and shoulders and my cold miraculously dried up. I stretched and balanced and relaxed at the end and walked home feeling loose and calm and wonderful! It's hatha yoga and the teacher is a very soft spoken, calm, south african woman. Unusually for Zurich you can pay per lesson, normally you have to sign up for a subscription of 10 lessons. It's chf 25 for 90 minutes which is about as much as I can afford. I'd like to go each week, but it might be every other week. I think it'll be a good complement to the running and aerobics I do and will hopefully teach me how to relax and meditate!
Tags: yoga

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