Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Snowboarding Babe...

I skived off yesterday and went to Braunwald for the day with my mate Karen and I'd just like to report that


It's taken a while, but it's all coming together. There was one main blue slope down the mountain which I did 6 times. Of course I still fell over (I've jarred my neck and today my legs and arms ache!) but I am really improving! Several times I managed to do a complete run without falling, which is a huge improvement! My turns have improved dramatically, I'm able to strap myself into the bindings whilst standing up (no more sitting in the snow) and I can feel the piste much better under my board. Several times I was able to regain my balance or shift my weight instead of falling over! I also got used to coming down a steep section by just pointing my board down the mountain and riding it out. I even on one occassion yelled "Yee-hah!". I managed to board around slower boarders and ski-ers and just generally felt a lot more confident.

I still need to work on my turns. When it's steep, I brake so much that I end up stopping dead and then have to reposition myself down the slope again. And I need to get more used to edging. I could tell I was getting it because I kept wanting to fit in just one more run. Braunwald is quite a small resort and yesterday it was quite empty, so several times it seemed like we had the piste all to ourselves! This also really helped me. Unfortunately the weather wasn't great yesterday, a bit grey and misty, so no sun filled mountains and no photos! Plus, I can't seem to go snowboarding without losing at least one item of clothing: yesterday it was my hat and scarf :-( The photo shows all the clobber I have to take with me!

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