Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

A rant about reading

The other day I read Swanofkennet's thread on the top 10 books schoolchildren should read (as chosen by top writers). And then I read in the Guardian that 12 million workers in the UK have reading levels equivalent to that of an 11 year old. Bear in mind that the workforce is 30 million. I find this appalling. How can we have such a low level of literacy? The Government skills scheme hasn't yet delivered the results needed. The people who most need training and education are getting the worst deal (as is so often the case). Apart from anything else, such low levels of skills can hardly help Britain's productivity. I can't imagine that so many adults are denied access to all the priviledges and knowledge that comes from the ability to read and to enjoy reading.

Tags: article, books, learning&development, rants

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