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Just occurred to me that I wanted to post up the other articles I've written for PWG!

How to be stress resilient? Go slow!
A Review of “In Praise of Slow, Carl Honoré

Have you ever had a moment which stops you in your tracks, and makes you question the speed of your life? Carl Honoré realised that his life was out of sync when he was tempted by a book of one minute bedtime stories which would allow him to ‘speed up’ his son’s bedtime routine! “In Praise of Slow” examines our modern obsession with speed and being ‘busy’ and explores alternative ways of allowing ourselves to slow down. Each chapter focusses on a different aspect of our life: food, work, health and leisure amongst others. Honoré argues that our 24 / 7 world has not given us the time freedom we were promised:
“We pay bills on Saturday, shop on Sunday, take the laptop to bed, work through the night, tuck into all-day breakfasts. We mock the seasons by eating imported strawberries in the middle of the winter and hot cross buns, once an Easter treat, all year round.p.35

There is a connection between our decisions on how we spend our time and money. Not everyone can afford to downsize their life, but we can choose how to spend our time, by making a conscious effort do things slowly and appreciate them: cooking a meal, going for a walk, reading and other ‘slow’ pursuits. This book challenges everyone to reassess their own lifestyle and to balance speed with slowness!
Helen Palmer

The eyes are the window (and the mirror) of the soul
La Prairie Event – Mon 25th October 2005-10-25

The La Prairie Event focussed our eyes and on every woman’s wish to turn back time, stop the clock and regain her youth! The evening started with champagne and nibbles and gave everyone a chance to meet get acquainted! The main section of the event was a series of presentations. This was introduced by the International PR Manager for La Prairie, accompanied by a very funky slide show of eyes and make up!

Dr Dell’ Acqua talked about the medical and physiological aspects of the eyes. The skin around the eye is a quarter of the thickness of the skin on the face, is easily dehydrated and is fatigued by our constant muscle movements. Did you know that there are 22 muscles which control the eye area, 14 just for opening and closing the eye? He emphasised that there were some measures that we can all take to prevent skin damage: protection our skin from UV rays and not smoking. This was followed by an introduction to the La Prairie products, given by the International Head of Training for La Praire.

But of course we were all really waiting for our consultations and free products! An added bonus was the eye massage, which really eased away the stresses of the day. In conclusion, what more called the professional girl around Zurich want? A glass of champagne, nibbles and La Prairie samples – bliss!
Helen Palmer

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