Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 18 | 10st 12lb | Jan 9th

Aaargh! What happened?
Last week I was 10stone 5, and now suddenly I've put on half a stone in a week - that can't be possible, surely? Even more strangely, I jumped on the scales at the weekend and it said I was 10 stone. Very bizarre.

Never mind, back to the grindstone. I will track calories this week and keep exercising, and hopefully this week is a blip! On the plus side, I did exercise 5 times last week, so I must be gaining muscle or something :-)

Mon: 1100 + 351 = 1451 | 1372 | 79 in credit (1hr run/walk)
Tues: 1100 + 349 = 1449 | 1557 | 108 in debit (1hr DVD)
Weds: 1100 | 1469 | 369 in debit (Rest)
Weekly total: 398 in debit then stopped counting!

But exercise tally =
Tues: 1hr Davina DVD
Weds: rest
Thurs: 1hr Davina DVD
Fri: rest
Sat: 1hr Davina DVD
Sun: 1hr snowboard & 1hr Davina DVD
Tags: weight

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