Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
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Igludorf, Engelberg

I think this is my last post about the Christmas period!

As a surprise for my Mum and sister, my Dad and I colloborated to book an overnight stay in an igloo!
There are 4 Igludoerfer (igloo villages) in Switzerland and we stayed at Igludorf Engelberg in central Switzerland, not far from Luzern. The village is a huge igloo with various rooms. You walk in and its like a tardis, much bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside! The igloo takes a month to create and has these amazing ice carvings and sculptures inside, done apparently by an native innuit of British Columbia! We were just bowled over by the igloo. Everything was made of ice! The Tables, the seats, the beds. And it was pretty cold, probably just under freezing. As you walked into the igloo there was a bar area and then a passage way that led into a large lounge area. There were candles and nightlights everywhere, it was just so beautiful.

During the evening we sat in the igloo bar and had drinks, ate a fondue together and tried to keep warm. We were told to keep moving, not to stay sitting down. It was quite cold even inside the igloo! So every half an hour or so we'd all get up and walk around! We also went for a snow shoe walk which was great fun. The shoes allow you to walk over quite deep snow without sinking!

My sister and I tried out the outdoor steam pool. It was very warm and gorgeous. Dark night sky overhead, stars, hot steam bath, and me and my sister sitting in it with wooly hats on!! Getting out was a bit of shock to the system....

We had a group room for 5. There was an ice ledge, then a thick foam isulation mat, then a reindeer skin rug and then a expedition sleeping bag. It was quite an adventure getting ready for book - how many layers to take off? And we were told to keep our clothes for the morning insider the sleeping bag. A. found out the hard way. He left some damp socks on the ground, and by the morning they were frozen solid!! It took a while to warm up before going to sleep, but the sleeping bags were excellent, and I woke up in the middle of the night absolutely baking, so had to remove my hat, clothes and a few layers!! The next morning the weather was clear and beautiful, and we walked for a few minutes over to a mountain chalet for our breakfast. It was just perfect, and my Mum and Sister were amazingly impressed and surprised. Mission successful :-)

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