Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

First Snowboard of the Season...


...and I am bruised all over! Wanna know where they are? Knees, calves, palm of my right hand (how?!), my butt, my butt again (where the cocyx? / tail bone ends!) and my inner thigh. Again, don’t ask how! Let’s just say it’s painful to sit down :-)

I started to learn to snowboard last year, but gave up after about 2.5 days of lessons / practice. This year I am determined to practice a bit more and get competent at turning and braking so that I can tackle blue slopes on my own. My problem is that I tense up and get a bit stressed, and therefore fall over a lot!

So, yesterday I booked a day’s lesson, but then found I was in a group of 6 year olds. My pride took a battering but I joined in. However, the teacher wasn’t really doing much teaching, so I complained and got my money back, so transferred to an hour’s private teaching instead! I learnt that I can turn (but not reliably). She corrected my stance (I was learning back, which just means you fall over more) and we worked on my turns. I have to do them more slowly and feel okay with pointing down the hill for a few seconds before completing the turn. So, loosening up and slowing down and enjoying the ride!

I still have to learn to control my speed, but also embrace the fear of going downhill fast. Plus, there’s still a lot of work to do on getting on and off lifts gracefully, particularly the b*stard T-bar lifts. I HATE THEM! I was going to go to Flumserberg again tomorrow, but I think my poor 30-something body needs a few more days recovery! Anyone out there who can give me some tips / words of wisdom? I don’t think I’m “really” enjoying snowboarding yet, but I really want too, if that makes sense! I’m hoping for a turning point….

Brad my board is pictured above :-) I like to ride him!

Tags: snowboarding

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