Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Livejournal Review of 2021

It's quite simple: the first sentence of the first entry for each month in 2021 - here's what my livejournal world looked like this year.

I am simplifying further! My Main goal is to lose weight
Feb: This blog post has been in my heart and head for many weeks and months, and it's taking a lot of courage and emotion to get it down on paper.
Mar: I don't like claiming I'm middle-aged, but if I aspire to live to 80, then I am over halfway through :-)
Apr: This year M and I pranked P (at his request!).
May: Well, winter came back.... Snow in May in the mountains :-)
June: Sometimes it's really important to remind ourselves that life is good and that we have much to be thankful for!
July: Patrick is now 10!
Aug: We had a wonderful day with Kerry and Family in Laax. the weather was rainy, sunny, grey, blue and ended in a rainbow:
Sep: Markus' party this year had a chess theme!
Oct: This year has been a low key, quiet sort of Hallowe'en.
Nov: Liminal is one of my favourite words, it means "on the threshold", from Latin līmen, plural limina.
Dec: Dear Mum, It's funny that as soon as I think about Wrens, they (like you!) keep popping up everywhere...
Tags: advent, lj, meme, memories

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