Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

The Marvellous Moran Boys in their flying Machine!

There was a big surprise for the boys on the last day of our holiday .... Markus wants to be a pilot, so I booked two flights with the son of a work friend.
The boys were very impressed, he's 21 and has a pilot's licence and can pull planes around!!

Since i was paying, I was the second passenger on both flights! The weather was clear and we had the most amazing views over Lachen, Einsiedlen (with the ski jumps and monastery), top of Wannensee, Sihlsee, and the mountain peaks - Wildspitz and Kleiner und Grosser Mythen

Patrick was fascinated by all the details, the cars and boats below, even the house and people we saw on a mountain.
Markus asked lots of technical questions.
I took lots of pictures - perfect!
Thank you Jan, the boys are now huge fans of yours!

Tags: family, summer, switzerland, travel

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