Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Advent, Advent!

Advent has a special place in my heart, not just for the time of reflection and preparation, but also because I found I was pregnant both times in advent :-)
Advent was also a huge deal for my Mum and I have so many happy family memories of Advent...

Oh, and I often do a an Advent challenge, like this one in 2014. And also, who doesn't love candles, advent rings, decorations & Samichlaus!

This year I am focussing on my career next steps and finally getting to grip with my weight.
I've my first mentoring session at work next week, my first career coaching sessions with My Blue Sky, I've signed up with Balance360 and i've booked a first session with a hypnotherapost
I will re-find the new, brave, courageous me - who seems to have got lost at the moment.

Anyway, today...
* Patrick the Elf and I packed up the parcels for my team (he was more enthusiastic than accurate!) Sorr yin advance, team!
* I went to post office
* I went into the city, since this is one of 3 Sundays in the year, that the shops are open :-)
* Did some career thinking and writing
* cleared the rest of Patrick's bedroom.

Think that's enough :-)

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