Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Gingerbread Digipigis and other Saturday tasks!

For a lazy day, in which I didn't get of my jimjams, I feel have felt exhausted all day. Mind you, this week I was back to 100% at work and it was manic.

Alan was out on his CAS, so the boys and I amused ourselves thus.....
- some reading (all of us!)
- some watching of Naruto on Netflix (them!)
- German homework (M&me)
- making a list on the whiteboard (me)
- making advert posters (them with a few tantrums thrown in)
- Making gingerbread digipigs (P&me) - and "fake" maltesters!
- And I also listened to music that i had got transferred from tape and record, and watched some videos of guide camps in the 80s. Lots of crying... the power of music and memories
- and lots of blogs written:

- More User Pics
- Dear Mum... Hickory Dickory Dock
- Dear Mum....Childhood Music Favourites
- Way of the Dragon
- Tea addiction

Tags: advent, done, family, grief, music

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