Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Walking and Talking...

Long tuesday at work, then a spooky walk in the dark with Markus.

We talked, or rather he talked, about the upcoming world cup, Portugal's performance so far, why he's supporting UK, Ireland and Switzerland in the world cup, how to play Tutto, what happened in the last world cup, and a critical review of "Samurai", the book he's reading.

I didn't get a word in... but it was a nice cold walk with him... and once he transforms into a surly Kevin teenager, which can't be long now - he's 12 already, I will surely miss these walks and talks :-)

And it's properly dark and wintery now. Hence the change of tag from autumn to winter and the new user pics!
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Blogs written: Saturday Lunch at Einsiedlen
Tags: lj, mgm, winter, writing

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